Saturday, February 6, 2010

mY mUsIc iNteResT

Glitter PhotosBasically for me, music is a art n i really love listening for music. I preferred the RNB music and that kind of music have be my interest since I'm in secondary school. Why i do prefer to listen for the RNB music rather than any genre of music?? the answer is simple. It is because for me RNB music can release my tension and sometimes it gives me an inspiration.

There are some RNB artist that have be my idol such as Chris Brown, Ne-yo, P.Diddy, Usher and many more. I really endorse their music career because they can make a variety of RNB music genre. But there are some people did not like the RNB genre because for them, this kind of music was unorganized. as an example in Malaysia, this kind of music still unacceptable for all people right here. sometimes, i download some of RNB music from the internet.


  1. yup, rnb music is surely is the best!

  2. x kisah la ape pun..
    asal muzik die sedap..
    dengar je..
    rock kapak ke, r&B ke, pop ke, nasyid ke..
    semue boleh..