Saturday, February 6, 2010

mY BuDdiEs

When first entered MPCIM, I only knew Fadhil because he used to be a student in KPMSI same as me. We are taking PIP courses at KPMSI and after that we are together taking Diploma In English Communication at MPCIM. After 2 month in MPCIM, I have made a friends with student in here. And thanks God, they are all still be my friends until now. Since we are in semester 1, there are lot of thing that we have share together no matter it is a good memory or opposite.

Many event in MPCIM that join us together such as JPA camping, Kem Amal Islami and many more. I feel happy to be friends with them because for me, they are really supportive and true friends. I hope our friendship will be last forever and not just in here. Here are some of our happiness:


  1. I remember this one....GOOOOOOD one.....

  2. y u're in that blue thing?
    r u sure u still alive????