Thursday, February 11, 2010

mY uNaCcoMpliSh DrEaM

Actually there are some several of my dream that are still an unaccomplish. i have a dream to have my own car. i hope one day i can take my parents and bring them for holiday with my car. in addition, I also want to give some of my money to my parents and they can use the money to go to Mecca for Haj.

I also hope one day I can change myself to be just like my father. For me, my father was my idol because he always encourage and give me spirit all the time. He was a hero for me and that was the main reason why 1 day i hope i can change myself or transform myself to be just like him.

About family, I think I'm still did not ready to carry a big responsibility. If i am get married, I was the leader in the family and surely I must carry a big responsibility and manage my family well. But maybe one day, if God bless me, it will give me someone and on that time, I think i have ready to carry the responsibility.


  1. if you work hard..u will reach your goal..=)

  2. its ok yap..
    dont give up..
    u can do it..