Thursday, February 11, 2010

mY uNaCcoMpliSh DrEaM

Actually there are some several of my dream that are still an unaccomplish. i have a dream to have my own car. i hope one day i can take my parents and bring them for holiday with my car. in addition, I also want to give some of my money to my parents and they can use the money to go to Mecca for Haj.

I also hope one day I can change myself to be just like my father. For me, my father was my idol because he always encourage and give me spirit all the time. He was a hero for me and that was the main reason why 1 day i hope i can change myself or transform myself to be just like him.

About family, I think I'm still did not ready to carry a big responsibility. If i am get married, I was the leader in the family and surely I must carry a big responsibility and manage my family well. But maybe one day, if God bless me, it will give me someone and on that time, I think i have ready to carry the responsibility.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

mY mUsIc iNteResT

Glitter PhotosBasically for me, music is a art n i really love listening for music. I preferred the RNB music and that kind of music have be my interest since I'm in secondary school. Why i do prefer to listen for the RNB music rather than any genre of music?? the answer is simple. It is because for me RNB music can release my tension and sometimes it gives me an inspiration.

There are some RNB artist that have be my idol such as Chris Brown, Ne-yo, P.Diddy, Usher and many more. I really endorse their music career because they can make a variety of RNB music genre. But there are some people did not like the RNB genre because for them, this kind of music was unorganized. as an example in Malaysia, this kind of music still unacceptable for all people right here. sometimes, i download some of RNB music from the internet.

mY VaCaTioN DrEaM

I always dream to go for a vacation at Hawaii. I really love Hawaii because the beach was so beautiful and i hope one day i can go there for a vacation. Hawaii have a great beach and many tourist love to go there because of that reason. there are my beaches in Hawaii that have a superb scenery.

Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world, some accessible only by helipcopter or landing watercraft, some built around the high drama of intense waves crashing against razor-shark lave rocks, and some literally disappear under the high winter surf on the north shores of the island.

mY BuDdiEs

When first entered MPCIM, I only knew Fadhil because he used to be a student in KPMSI same as me. We are taking PIP courses at KPMSI and after that we are together taking Diploma In English Communication at MPCIM. After 2 month in MPCIM, I have made a friends with student in here. And thanks God, they are all still be my friends until now. Since we are in semester 1, there are lot of thing that we have share together no matter it is a good memory or opposite.

Many event in MPCIM that join us together such as JPA camping, Kem Amal Islami and many more. I feel happy to be friends with them because for me, they are really supportive and true friends. I hope our friendship will be last forever and not just in here. Here are some of our happiness:

SpEciAl AbOut YapP

My name is Asyraf Bin Muhammad and i was born in Kangar, Perlis. People or my friends preferred to call me yapp. when i was a child, i first start my education background at Sekolah rendah Stella Marris, Kangar. i continue my study at Sekolah Menengah Putra also at Kangar. Then after i finished secondary school, i further my at this beloved college named Mara Professional College Indera Mahkota, Pahang.

I was born in a family which consist of 6 members including my father, mother and my sibling. talking about my sibling, last year my elder brother have got his new baby which was my first niece. We called him Arief Rayyan and that name have been given originally by my brother. I provide all you guys the picture of Arief Rayyan: